So The Expanse and Legion are back, Westworld starts soon…it’s going to be a good few months of TV!

Deactivated my Facebook account this morning as a precursor to deletion - it feels refreshing.

A local walk

I do wonder about the power of Facebook!

Under the Guise of Security, Facebook is Promoting Their VPN in Their iOS App

2,000 Days on Mars with the Curiosity Rover is an amazing collection of photos from Mars - the detail gathered is incredible.

Falcon Heavy launch was breathtaking, and the landing of the two side launchers looked like CGI from a film. Outstanding achievement. 🚀

I’ve tried a number of VPNs for laptop & mobile, most recently (formerly Cloak) but have now settled on F-Secure FREEDOME VPN. Solid so far and well priced.

For all the amazing elements of the iPhoneX (screen, cameras, gesture fluidity etc) it’s the battery life that is most astounding. I guess the OLED screen makes a difference, plus, it’s a new battery!

Enjoying testing out Sunlit from @manton on our Scottish spa break; app is clean, simple and easy to use. Latest is here: Stobo Castle

Stobo Castle Spa Break


Room with a view!


Stobo Castle: Windy walks in the grounds


A walk in the snow

If you have an iPhoneX then I highly recommend Halide, stunning camera app. #halide

Spa break/“babymoon” underway with first stop being the “Cally” in Edinburgh - excellent views from room!

Testing Sunlit Stories


Christmas Eve in Airedale Cottage


Christmas Day in Airedale Cottage!

Enjoyed having this guy as my office buddy today…working from home is the best!

Streamlined my hosting today, DigitalOcean/ServerPilot are out, in come my colo’d Mac Mini via MacStadium for simple http sites and am trying out Flywheel for Wordpress. Good so far!

Really enjoying the quiet power of Things for Mac and iOS; lovely design touches and its just more ‘me’ than Todoist. Slightly struggling without browser access but worth it so far!

All set for Christmas here…merry Christmas and a happy 2018!

I love this summary of elevator etiquette in Japan!

Currently experimenting with Twist from Doist as a central dashboard for notifications, selected news feeds etc. Using Zapier but can’t wait for IFTTT integration. Enjoying it so far and links in nicely to ToDoist.

Wow @Outlier really know how to take my money…